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Zero Gravity Testimonials

Garden of Life Zero Gravity Testimonials from a 12 week trial study:

ROBIN: I'm 47 years old and have been battling with losing weight for the last 20 years. I got married at 28 and was a tall and sleek bride - 5'9", 130 lbs at the alter. As the years progressed, I was always struggling to stay slim, but as every year went by, I put on 10 lbs. I was miserable. Up to 240 lbs by Christmas 2001, I was so big and uncomfortable that I honestly lived the saying: "I've fallen and couldn't get up!" I'd have to role on my knees to pull myself back on my feet. I had been eating for all the wrong reasons, as evidenced by my size 20 pants. I tried every fad diet and product, but nothing worked. Then one day, a co-worker asked if I'd be interested in joining a weight loss group. Since I had nothing to lose except 100 excess pounds, I gave it a try. In the past 10 weeks, I've lost 27 1/2 lbs! I feel confident, alive and most of all healthy. I still have more to go, but on my journey to success, Zero Gravity and Perfect Food® will always be with me. 

DAPHNE: Every weekend I sing before thousands of people at my church. It can be a little intimidating if you are noticeably overweight. The harder I tried to lose weight, the more I gained. Over a period of two years, I put on 50 lbs and tried all kinds of diets. When I was able to briefly lose some weight, I'd put back on what was lost, plus a few extra pounds. It was so discouraging. Being so overweight for my height made it hard to even get out of bed and move around. My energy was zilch. Anything I did caused more pain. Feeling hopeless, I turned to a friend who was miraculously healed simply from healthier eating. He told me about some products called Zero Gravity and Perfect Food®. I soon arrived at the point where all I wanted was to be healthy, even if it took a lifestyle change. So, with the support of my friends, I gave it everything I had. After the first two weeks on the program, I noticed that my aches and pains had decreased. Zero Gravity has made a dramatic difference in me. I've lost 15 lbs in the first 12 weeks. Even though I have not yet reached my goal weight, I know that as I continue to use Zero Gravity, the weight is going to melt off.

JENNY: Many changes take place in a person's life. A change involves commitments and a positive attitude to reach a personal goal. It also takes accountability, and a program that promotes optimum health around a foundation of good research and proven products. My goal was to lose weight steadily with good food, healthy practices, and exercise for a strong cardiovascular system. It included a change in eating habits, and adding Zero Gravity and Perfect Food® to my regime. Friends are beginning to say things like: "Jenny, your skin looks wonderful - you're looking good!" But even more than my appearance, is how I feel - and I feel great! Thank you for these wonderful products.

MEREDITH: After the birth of my youngest child, I expected the 50+ lbs I put on to go away with as little effort as it had with my previous pregnancy. Trying the latest fads from soup diets to fruit diets, the pounds came off and went back on as quickly as my dress size changed. I tried fat-burner pills that made me so jittery I couldn't sleep at night. I signed up for a weight loss program and had some initial success, but their philosophy on eating was in direct conflict with the truths I knew about basic nutrition. Then I heard about Zero Gravity – wow! By preventing my body from converting calories into poundage, I was able to safely lose 18 lbs in my first 12 weeks without any cravings or negative side effects. I am now well on my way back to my ideal weight. When I ride the waves with my children this summer, the only thing jiggling will by my keys!


**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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