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UltraZorbe™ Capletting Process 

Garden of Life UltraZorbe™ Caplets, Rapid Disintegration & Absorption

Garden of Life small BannerTo provide the highest quality whole food supplements, Garden of Life utilizes a capletting process that delivers large amounts of active ingredients in an efficient amount of space. Their UltraZorbe™ caplets are small and compact, packed with up to twice the amount of active ingredients found in many other supplements.

In addition, UltraZorbe caplets are created using low heat and minimal pressure to provide rapid disintegration and absorption of each nutrient. This ensures that your body receives the full benefits of Garden of Life™ products. In contrast, conventionally produced capsules are oftentimes not fully utilized by your body because they do not completely break down.

Designed by an engineer specializing in pharmaceutical delivery systems, the UltraZorbe™ (Ultraabsorption) capletting process enables these formulas to retain their enzymes and probiotics to ensure proper delivery of nutrients. Each caplet provides up to twice the active ingredient as other formulas due to their compact nature. Great respect is given to disintegration and dissolution times. Many encapsulated formulas have a tendency to become encased in a gelatin-like blob that is never fully broken down, thus causing the nutrients to pass through the digestive tract unabsorbed. Most conventionally produced caplets use ineffective binders and excipients that can cause similar problems. 

Since most products on the market are simply the same ingredients used over and over again with different labels, it is important to differentiate truly unique and effective formulas. This is why Garden of Life have chosen to sponsor laboratory, animal and human studies on their formulas. They have even gone as far as to sponsor studies on competing formulas to show how they compare. Garden of Life have had the privilege to work with some of the finest scientists and researchers with expertise in immunology and microbiology from around the world, to compile this research.

The next section to visit is the Clinical Studies on Homeostatic Soil Organisms™ (HSO's). What you are about to read is a culmination of research and Garden of Life's effort to provide what they and we believe to be some of the finest and most effective nutraceutical formulations available.

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