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Ω-Zyme™ Digestive Enzyme Blend

Ω-Zyme™(pronounced Omega-Zyme) is a highly effective digestive enzyme product that helps the body process proteins, carbohydrates, fats and dairy. With more than 20 different digestive enzymes, Ω-Zyme is effective even with difficult-to-digest foods such as broccoli, nuts, seeds and beans. Ω-Zyme also has up to 20 times more lipase for fat digestion than leading brands.

According to the Surgeon General's report on nutrition and health, eight out of 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. are diet related. Digestive problems, rare or non-existent less than a century ago, now represent one of the most important health issues in North America. Consuming enzyme rich foods and "live" enzyme supplements like Ω-Zyme is the best way to ensure your body gets the enzymes it needs for proper metabolism and good health.

With more than 20 different digestive enzymes, Garden of Life Omega-Zyme supplement is a powerful digestive enzyme product. Compare your enzyme product to the one considered a standard for enzyme supplementation worldwide—

Ω-Zyme supplement comes in two easy-to-use forms: Powder and UltraZorbe™ caplets.

Omega-Zyme, the Gold Standard for enzyme supplementation.

  • Contains over 20 different digestive enzymes.
  • The most powerful digestive enzyme product available.
  • Aids in the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy products and difficult to digest foods such as broccoli, nuts, seeds and beans.
  • High in digesting enzymes to handle large quantities of sugars and starches.
  • Contains up to 20 times more lipase for fat digestion than the leading brands.


Omega-Zyme Caplet Fact Sheet

What are enzymes and why do I need them?

Enzymes are protein-like substances that help maintain the body's tissues, orchestrate its functions and digest food. There are three kinds of enzymes:

  • Digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas break down the nutrients in the foods we eat.
  • Metabolic enzymes spark many of the reactions inside cells, enabling our organs, tissues and cells to work properly.
  • Food enzymes supplied by what we eat help break down food before our digestive enzymes are called upon. Food enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 118 degrees, so all cooked and processed foods are devoid of them.

Enzymes are perhaps our most important nutrients. When we eat raw foods, we consume the enzymes they contain, making them easy to digest. However, when we eat cooked or processed foods, the body must create the enzymes necessary to digest them. This constant demand for enzymes depletes our supply, strains the body and enlarges the pancreas. Without the proper levels of enzymes from foods or supplements, you are susceptible to excessive gas and bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, low energy, acne, arthritis, allergies, insomnia, high cholesterol and many other discomforts.

Since enzymes are destroyed once they complete their tasks, we must constantly replenish our supply for life to continue. The best ways to get the enzymes you need are to consume a diet high in "live" raw and fermented foods, and to consume a high-potency digestive enzyme supplement such as Ω-Zyme™.

The State of our Digestion

According to the Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health, eight out of 10 leading causes of death in the United States are diet related. Digestive problems comprise the number one health problem in North America. Digestive complaints including everything from hemorrhoids to colon cancer result in more time lost at work, school, and play than any other health-related problem. Many of these digestive problems were rare or non-existent less than a century ago.

Why is this? And how can we return to the health of our ancestors? Consume enzyme-rich foods and "live" enzyme supplements.

It is easy to understand that a stable supply of all enzymes is necessary for the human body and is of paramount importance. "Alas, our increasingly toxic eating habits and lifestyle not only deprives us from the enzymes we must import into our body, but also deteriorates the organs in charge of producing the body's own enzymes," notes Dr. Peter R. Rothschild, of the Faculty of Natural Medicine at the Peoples University of the Americas. "The progressive, overall depletion of enzymes leads to a situation in which we can neither digest the food we eat, nor can our body synthesize the materials required for cell repair and maintenance.

"Therefore, not only general but also a partial, specific enzyme deficit is unquestionably responsible for many of the diseases that escalate in the wake of our relentlessly deteriorating lifestyle.

"Summing up the situation, the corollary to our increasingly worsening enzyme deficiencies is a progressive failure to digest proteins, fats, sugars, starches and other carbohydrates, which causes a great variety of diseases."

Lymph Gland Blockages

It is in the area of lymph gland blockage that the work of Dr. Rothschild truly shines and should grab the attention of both health-conscious consumers and a wide range of health professionals.

"Incompletely digested protein and/or carbohydrate molecules trigger a domino-effect insofar that the fragmentary breakdown compounds produce a secondary carbohydrate- polysaccharides-which condense in the tissue fluids of the body, and combine with excess proteins forming a substance known as mucoproteins," says Dr. Rothschild. "This is an aggregate of undigested proteins, forming long chains of polypeptides that adhere to unassimilated carbohydrates. In a worst-case scenario, mucoproteins can also condense in plasma. The accretion of mucoprotein is the main cause of lymphatic congestion, which is the foremost trigger factor of a great variety of severe pathologies…"

It's worth taking the time to explore the consequences of lymph gland blockages. The lymphatic system defends the body from foreign invasion by disease-causing agents such as viruses, bacteria, or fungi. The lymph system contains a network of vessels that assists in circulating body fluids. These vessels transport excess fluids away from interstitial spaces in body tissue and return it to the bloodstream for eventual elimination. Lymphatic vessels prevent the backflow of the lymph fluid. They have specialized bean-shaped organs called lymph nodes that filter out destroyed microorganisms. If your lymph system is malfunctioning, internal toxicity is quite likely. And that will lead to disease.

OmegaZyme (W-ZYMETM) has the following ingredients:

Protease Blend -Blend of 5 proteolytic enzymes including peptidase which aid in the digestion and utilization of dietary proteins. Helps deliver the specific nutrients necessary for muscle and tissue repair, as well as for vibrant immune system function.

Amylase -digests starch and carbohydrates. Acts in concert with protease to stimulate immune system function. Acts in association with lipase to digest fragments of viruses and reduce inflammation and infections.

Lipase -digests fats, thereby aiding in weight control, maintaining and enhancing cardiovascular health, and helping maintain proper gall bladder function.

Glucoamylase -breaks down carbohydrates, specifically polysaccharides.

Malt Diastase(Maltase) -digests maltose, malt and grain sugars. May help relieve environmental sensitivities and allergies.

Invertase(Sucrase) -digests sugars. Beneficial in helping prevent gastrointestinal problems and discomfort.

Alpha-Galactosidase -aids in the digestion of difficult to digest foods such as beans, legumes and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

Lactase -digests the milk sugar lactose. Extremely useful for individuals suffering from lactose intolerance. May be beneficial for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders in which a high percentage are adversely effected by dairy products.

Cellulase -digests fiber cellulose into smaller units which include D-glucose. Helps remedy digestive problems such as malabsorption. Cellulase is a very important enzyme because the human body cannot produce it on its own.

Xylanase -breaks down the sugar xylose.

Pectinase -breaks down carbohydrates such as pectin (found in many fruits).

Hemicellulase -breaks down carbohydrates called hemi-celluloses, which are found in plant foods.

Mannanase -digests the sugar known as mannose.

Phytase -breaks down carbohydrates, specifically phytates (phytic acid), present in many difficult to digest grains and beans. Especially useful for those suffering from serious bowel disorders which result in an inability to handle phytates from soy and gluten from wheat, oats, rye and barley. Phytase may increase mineral absorption and the bioavailability of iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

Beta-Glucanase -breaks down polysaccharides and fibers known as beta glucans.

Arabinosidase -digests the sugar arabinose.

Bromelain -an enzyme from the stem of pineapples, breaks down protein and fights inflammation and reduces swelling. May speed the recovery of injuries and swelling resulting from athletics, childbirth and surgery.

Papain -similar to the chymotrypsin, a protein digesting enzyme produced by the body. Used to treat chronic diarrhea and celiac disease. Treats gastrointestinal discomfort due to intestinal parasites.

Poten-ZymeGinger Extract -one of the most potent herbal digestive aids. Contains extremely potent protein digesting enzymes. Frequently used to treat nausea and motion sickness.

Poten-ZymeTurmeric Extract -popular Indian spice which is commonly used to improve digestion and reduce stomach discomfort.

Poten-ZymeBarley Grass Extract -one of nature's richest sources of alkaline forming minerals and antioxidant enzymes. Provides the mineral co-factors necessary to enhance the functions of the enzymes.

Poten-ZymeCat's Claw Extract -called the "opener of the way" by a physician who treated hundreds of people suffering from digestive problems with this powerful herb. Cat's Claw has been used for hundreds of years by native Peruvians as a treatment for digestive problems, urinary tract infections and arthritis.

W-ZYMETM Delivery Systems

W-ZYMETM comes in two convenient delivery systems, UltraZorbe™ caplets and powder. UltraZorbe™ caplets are specially designed to preserve the "live" enzymes and probiotics contained in W-ZYMETM and to deliver them in the most effective time frame possible. UltraZorbe™ caplets are produced without the use of heat. W-ZYMETM powder comes with a convenient scoop and can be mixed in any room temperature liquid or sprinkled directly onto room temperature or cold food.

A great test to experience the effectiveness of digestive enzymes is to perform the oatmeal test. Simply take 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal or other cooked cereal and allow it to cool to room temperature. Add 1 caplet (crushed) or scoop of W-ZYMETM  and begin to stir. Watch as the enzymes break down the starches, protein and fiber contained in the oatmeal. Seeing is believing!

Compare OmegaZyme (W-ZYMETM) to YOUR enzyme product.

Comparison Chart
Enzyme Activity Per Dosage

  OmegaZymeTM Product A Product B Product C Product D Product E Product F Product G Product H
Protease HUT 65,000 12,500 30,000 None 20,000 15,000 6,500 9,800 5,000
Amylase DU 20,000 5,000 10,000 2,772 9,000 4,000 2,625 3,400 1,750
Lipase FCCLU 3,000 150 145 381 900 80 241 36 32.5
Cellulase CU 1,500 400 600 99 250 100 188 40 20
Lactase ALU 750 500 350 300 250 400 260 260 300
Alpha-G Yes No No No No No No No Yes
Glucoamylase Yes No No No No Yes Yes No Yes
Invertase Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No
Malt Diastase Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes No No
Pectinase Yes Yes No No Yes No No No No
Xlanase Yes No No No No No No No No
Bromelain Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes
Papain Yes No No No No No No No Yes
Probiotics Yes No Yes No No Yes No No No
Botanicals Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Smart Shopper Tips

One of the true advantages of OmegaZyme  is its potency compared to other digestive enzyme formulas. It is worthwhile mentioning that many digestive enzyme formulas have so little enzymatic activity, that they simply don't have the power to break down the amount of food you are eating at the time. For example, it takes approximately 1,000 ALUs of lactase to digest the lactose contained in eight ounces of milk in about 30 minutes. Each and every enzyme included in a formula needs to be provided in an effective dosage but most products do not do this. This is why the OmegaZyme formula is certainly among the best digestive enzyme formulations now available to consumers.

Repeated laboratory assays as well as regular quality control tests reveal that Garden Of Life's OmegaZyme  contains very high levels of proteases for protein breakdown and other proteolytic functions; lipase for fat-breakdown; and amylase for digesting starches. These and other enzymes present in this supplement do not only effectively aid digestion in general, but also help to remove accumulated, sticky waste adhered to the lining of the intestines and colon, that originate a whole array of digestion-contingent diseases.

Another reason OmegaZyme is unquestionably the premier digestive enzyme formula now available to consumers is the Poten-Zyme™ process. By utilizing our unique Homeostatic Soil Organisms™ and additional organic beneficial bacterial cultures, Garden of Life is able to ferment our botanical blend of cat's claw, ginger, turmeric, and barley grass juice. Fermentation with Poten-Zyme™ produces a powerful array of beneficial enzymes, antioxidants, and other unique substances that also aid digestion. This is the "alchemy" present in all Garden of Life formulas.

In brief, OmegaZyme participates in both cleansing and maintaining both the small and large intestinal environment of toxic residues and waste. This is an essential condition for achieving appropriate assimilation of nutrients.


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**Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended solely for nutritional use.


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