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U-FN For Treatment of Cancer

Causes Growing Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct

U-Fucoidan (U-Fn) is a powerful bio-available form of Fucoidan, a potent antitumor agent for the treatment of cancer. U-Fn is especially powerful in fighting fast-moving cancers of the reproductive system (prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer), the blood (lymphoma and leukemia), and the lower gastrointestinal tract (stomach, colon cancer and bladder cancer) when 4 to 6 capsules a day are taken for 3 to 4 month.


  • Improve immunity from increasing the production of immune cells or NK cells (natural killer cells)
  • Stop formation of cancer cells through a process called apoptosis (cell self-destructing)
  • Increase cell regeneration
  • Decrease cholesterol levels resulting from the way that enzymes breakdown fatty acids in the liver
  • Diabetes control by slowing down the release of glucose into the blood
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve liver function
  • Reduce stomach disorders
  • Skin rejuvenation by increasing the production of integrin, a protein that helps in skin repair and firmness
  • Relieve allergies because of the increase of NK cells
  • Relieve arthritis by promoting the production of fibronetin which plays an important part in keeping joints flexible and lubricated
  • Herpes remedy because of fucoidan's antiviral properties

Mineral properties of Fucoidan were discovered a long time ago, but it was a problem making them available for humans. When extracted, Fucoidan itself does not work. That is why Japanese research and development of U-Fucoidan products (dietary supplements, which naturally deliver Fucoidan's qualities) became a unique substance. U-Fucoidan is a complex of Fucose, Glycose, Laminaran and Alginic acids. Sulfated polysaccharides of brown seaweed with natural presence of those elements are acceptable by human gastrointestinal tract, that do not have toxicity limits and can be consumed with benefits to ones health.

Extensive research has been ongoing for the benefits of seaweed. In particular, the Takara Shuzo's Biomedical Research Laboratories and the Research Institute for Glycotechnology Advancement worked together to find more about this unique substance. In order to study its chemical structure, they also used a specific technique called pyridlamination.

Even though fucoidan has been characterized with the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, and to act as both an anti-contraceptive and an anti-tumor agent, not enough research has been conducted to have a definitive consensus. One thing for certain is that these two groups have confirmed that fucoidan does cause certain types of growing cancer cells to self-destruct, a phenomenon called apoptosis. This is different from necrosis, where cells are destroyed because of external stimuli such as physical damage or toxic substances. Programmed into the natural makeup of cells, is this apoptosis mechanism. For cells to self-destruct, this mechanism is triggered and the cell's DNA is rendered useless through the activation of the deoxyribonuclease found within the cell itself.

Apoptosis has been observed in human acute promyelocytic leukemia cells (HL-60 cell line), human stomach cancer cells (AGS cell line), human colon cancer cells (HCT-116 cell line), and cancer cells of the descending colon (SW-480 cell line/WiDr cell line). Interestingly, these cancer cells were destroyed without affecting normal cells. More research is still underway on this unique phenomenon.

U-FN (Fucoidan) Research

Nutritional Information Of U-Fn

Each capsule contains 600mg of concentrated Laminaria japonica. 120 pounds of raw seaweed are used to make one pound of U-Fn

Suggested Use
As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules a day with a glass of water before or with breakfast.
For maximum benefits, take 4-6 capsules in the morning with a full glass of water. Important: Drink plenty of water when you take U-Fn. One full glass of liquid is recommended for each 4 capsules of extract to optimize digestion and nutritional effect.

U-Fucoidan, 60ct capsules, 600mg

The extraction ratio of powdered concentrate to raw seaweed in Modifilan is 1/40 and 1/120 in U-Fn. Our cold extraction technology (patented) brings up only the inside (beneficial) content of the Laminaria leaf. It is rich with organic micro- and macro elements and delivers all the health benefits of the most recognized type of seaweed without the necessity to consume large quantities of raw kelp.

U-Fn is recommended to those who wish to do very serious prophylaxis or to stop the development of fast growing tumor cells in their body by using the help of this natural product. It has 11% of Fucoidan (35% of U-Fucoidan) in an ionic form, the best for rapid assimilation. Regardless of one’s health conditions, U-Fn demonstrates its effect in a very short period of time. Only two capsules per day can make a difference. Six capsules can enable one to help attain results and observe positive dynamics in a matter of just a few weeks.

*Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended solely for nutritional use.

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