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Zymessence ®

Zymessence Enzyme ®

Zymessence systemic enzymes, developed by Dr. William Wong was created to manage inflammatory conditions, chronic pain, fibrosis conditions, scar tissue, fibroids and much more. We believe hands down that this systemic enzyme is the best and most affective enzyme on the market.



Have you ever suffered from some kind of sporting injury? Medical condition or accident that has left you in constant pain? This is not only life changing painful but also frustrating as it can prevent you from continuing with your normal pursuits. When we suffer an injury that causes inflammation most of us reach for the Ibuprofen to relieve the pain and the swelling, and although this is suitable for short term results prolonged use can cause unpleasant long term damage such as liver damage, kidney damage and bleeding intestines.

For this reason Dr William Yong has developed the new and improved version of Zymessence, systemic enzyme capsules that speed up the healing process by encouraging our body to react in a different way. Although this product has been available for some time, many people were put off by the high recommended dosage they needed to take to achieve any noticeable results. This new, redeveloped version contains a much higher dosage per capsule, so it is now only necessary to take 2 - 3 capsules per day a far more reasonable expectation.

Uniquely this amazing new product is protected by an enteric matrix coating which ensures that even when the capsules are rattling around within their container the enzymes contained within are fully protected. This means that when you take the capsule you are definitely having the full correct recommended dose and that nothing has been allowed to escape before it gets to you.

The addition of Serrapeptase a cheaper yet stronger ingredient is what improves the overall effectiveness of the capsules. Previous blends included Chymotrypsin and Trypsin which are far more expensive.

Aside from being an active anti-inflammatory systemic enzymes have many other positive uses that can be significantly beneficial to our health. As many doctors discover during their training and future careers, Fibrosis is one of the biggest natural killers, due to our bodies failing to produce enough enzymes to properly repair scar tissue as we get older. By replacing these lost enzymes we allow our bodies to successfully repair scar tissue reducing the possibility of Fibrosis destroying our bodies.

They are also able to cleanse the blood supply by by breaking down waste material so it passers through our system easier, and reducing the stickiness of blood cells which left untreated can lead to stroke or heart attack caused by blood clots.

Also assisting your body in it’s constant battle against Viral and bacterial infections by modulating your immune system

Available now, new and improved Zymessence are affordable, safe and most importantly offers benefits that are not possible from any other systemic enzyme therapy currently on the market. Improve your health, fight injury head on and continue to enjoy a long, active and happy lifestyle.

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