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Miracle II Testimonials And Uses

Founder of MIRACLE II, Clayton Tedeton Shares Miracle.

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20 yrs of Miracle II Testimonials!
Thousands of customers have provided instructions for miracle ii uses for:

Aches/Pains, Acne, After Shave, Age Spots, Allergies, Alzheimer’s, Athlete’s foot, Arthritis, Bath/Shower Soap/Bed Sores, Body Odor, Burns, Cuts, Scratches, Bruises, Cancers, Candida Albicans, Cataracts, Cellulite, Cleaning the house, and whatever is in it, Colic, Contact Lenses, Cholesterol, Crohn’s, Common Colds, Constipation, Dandruff, Dermatitis, Diaper Rash, Douche, Dry Skin, Ear Ache, Enema, Eye wash and Lubrication, Fever Blisters, Gulf War Illness, Foot Odors, Fingernail Fungus, Gallbladder, Gardening, Hair Shampoo/Conditioner/Spray, Hemorrhoids, Herpes, Ulcers, Hyperactivity, Gingivitis, Gout, High Blood Pressure, Hives, Indigestion, Insect Bites, Liver/Kidney, Cleanse, Laundry, Lubricating Gel, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Make-up Remover, Nerves, Odors, Parasites, Pets, Poison Ivy/Oak, Pink Eye, Prostate, Rash, Psoriasis, Rreiter’s Syndrome, Shaving Soap, Shingles, Show Odors, Skin Cancer, Sinus, Snake Bites, Sore Throat, Skin, Sunburn, Sun Block, T-Cell Booster, Thyroid Problems, and more.

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Name: Guadalupe Mobley from Elk Grove, CA USA

I was introduced to the products by my daughter who applied
Miracle II Neutralizer Gel on my joint pain. The day that she applied it to my legs I noticed that the pain started to lessen as time passed. I use it daily now along with the other products and have notice improvements of my
overall health.
The most amazing results I have experienced since using these products is when I went to get a pedicure, the technician accidentally hit my ankle with the filing stone and cut it open. I have diabetes and the healing process is long and sometimes not responsive. I ended up going to the doctor and they want to perform survey to remove the injury, which escalated into an ulcer. They scheduled me to come back, in the mean time I soaked my ankle in the moisturizing soap and then applied neutralizer. It healed my infected ankle and I avoided having survey. I give all the Glory to God!

Name: Tom Nelson from IL USA

After receiving the products, I began to use them immediately. The biggest difference I noticed was that I felt pure. Not just clean but pure, it could be in my head but I don’t think so. I have a blood disorder that has caused the circulation in my legs to slow. Because of this the blood settles towards the bottom calve and shin area causing a discoloration in both of the lower halves of my legs. I started to rub one of the products called neutralizer gel onto the area. My doctors have said that there is nothing that can help or change the symptoms related to this from happening. They don’t know the power of God. Within roughly 40 minutes I noticed along with my wife and mother a significant lightening of the area were I applied the gel. I gave the Glory to God as my mouth dropped open in amazement. I’ve continued to use these products daily and have substituted them for my daily hygiene needs..

Name: Gladys Whitfield from Wilson, NC USA

I bought the Miracle II products and began using all of them on October 3, 2001. My husband had been going to the skin doctor for skin cancer over two years and he hadn't released him. He had to keep going back to him. The doctor had treated a skin cancer on his neck about a week before we started using the products. After my husband had been using the products for a week, he went back to the doctor for him to check it. It looked so good that his doctor told him he wouldn't have to come back in three months. After the three months were almost up, my husband called and canceled the appointment. He hasn't had any sign of skin cancer in 6 months. Also, my husband had little pus pockets on his head and his skin was so oily, he could wipe oil off his face. He had to use a certain kind of shampoo on his head and it still didn't help. Since he has been using the Miracle II soap to wash his head, he doesn't have a problem with his head or an oily face. I use all of the products. I put the Neutralizer Gel on my knees for my arthritis and I don't have to take pain pills. The Miracle II Moisturizing Soap, the Gel and the Skin Moisturizer have helped my itching skin. Also, when I burned my hand and arm and I put the Neutralizer Gel on it, it stopped the burning and didn't even leave a scar.

Name: Charles and Jean Barnes from Tulsa, OK USA

Our oldest daughter broke out in welts all of a sudden one day. She had never done this before. She ran herself a bath with Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer. Upon getting out of the tub, she noticed the welts were disappearing. Then she applied the Neutralizer Gel to the areas where the welts were. Within 5 minutes of applying the Neutralizer Gel, the welts completely disappeared. We were amazed and so was our daughter. She said the Miracle II products are definitely going with her to college. We give Jesus Christ the praise, and our thanks for making this product available.

Name: Brad Ward from Selma, NC USA

My name is Brad Ward and I am the manager of Good Books Christian Bookstore in Selma, NC. Billy Wall, the owner, and I have been using Miracle II products since July 2001. We began carrying the products in our store shortly after having personally used them. We witnessed the products clear up Billy's skin and the skin of my oldest little girl. We now have over 75 - 100 of our customers using the products, and have heard testimony after testimony of how Miracle II has helped them. We have had testimonies of everything from athlete's foot going away to sores healing in just a few days! We are proud of these products, and proud to carry them in our store. There is not a day goes by now that we don't have customers coming in to buy more products. We have told our customers to not take our word for products, but to try them and they will see and feel what we are talking about. We even give a money back guarantee on the products bought in our store, because we believe in them that much! We have never regretted carrying these products in our store and even if we never sell another bottle we will always, always use them ourselves! We encourage any Christian bookstore, or any store for that matter, to make these products available in their store. But I do not suggest you offer these products just to make money. Don't get me wrong, money will come, but the true reason to offer these products is to help people. The more stores that carry them, the more people they will reach. That needs to be our focus in these products, not the money. God will bless us for our motives and he will bless the people who buy these products by improving their health. We pray for all of you on this Miracle II venture, that you will be blessed as others are blessed.

Name: Vera Stokes from Wilson, NC USA
I've had a nail fungus for 2 to 3 years, after using or soaking this nail for about 3 months, it has almost bonded back and is real healthy looking. I'm so happy.

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