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EMF Technology

Powerful  EMF Protection

Powerful EMF technology; scientifically proven to protect, neutralize and reduce the effects of EMFs, electromagnetic frequencies or EMR, electromagnetic radiation while strengthening your resilience to stress caused by EMF's. The core premise driving the development of EMF products is the clinically substantiated fact that your body is in a constant state of electromagnetic chaos, vibration through your cells' own oscillations. Exterior stressors and electromagnetic pollution such as 4G and fifth generation technologies causing EMFs, which have the ability to put your body in a state of disease or unease. 

See why an increasing number of people rank electromagnetic field radiation as their #1 health concern. On March 18, 2005 a federal appeals court agreed based on scientific evidence that links cell phone usage to DNA damage, brain tumors, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and more... " and ruled cell phone makers could be sued in state court over claims that wireless equipment emits unsafe levels of radio frequency radiation."

Clarus EMF protection devices assists your body by placing it back into its natural state of harmony, allowing it to function optimally and most effectively. While negative, destructive 5G EMF pollution is cumulative, powerful scientifically proven EMF protection technologies begin its positive effects immediately, providing a platform designed to assist you and the ones you love in alleviating the cumulative stress associated with living in today’s electronic environment.  Click on product description to view details....

Cell Chip

Cell Chip

EMF Pendant



I’m not convinced about the real threat of electromagnetic chaos or EMFs. If it’s is so harmful why aren’t more people dying from this problem?

  • The negative effects of EMFs are cumulative. As a population we have become slowly conditioned over time to adapt to external stressors including EMF. Specific correlations have been proven, however, as there have been many instances of brain tumors the size and shape of cell phone antennas and tumors on the side of the brain where people hold their cell phone. In other words, if you are diagnosed with a tumor or cancer in the brain there is a much higher chance (75%) that it will be on the side where you hold your cell phone. Study after study has validated that there is a significant risk and correlation between EMF radiation and damage to the body.

What makes this technology unique?

  • It is a REVOLUTIONARY and PROPRIETARY EMF Harmonizing Mechanism

  • It is the ONLY scientifically substantiated product in the marketplace today

  • Bioenergetic products are the REAL solution to dealing with harmful EMFs, combining years of research and a lot of common sense

While there are other philosophies or approaches to dealing with harmful EMFs, these approaches are impractical and flawed. The two most common approaches to the EMF problem are:

  1. Avoiding or limiting exposure  

  2. Blocking or shielding 

To summarize why avoiding EMF or blocking EMF are not the solution to the EMF problem, consider the following analogy: 

Believing the answer to avoiding EMFs is to keep a distance or limit exposure would be like keeping a safe distance from cars would solve the world's carbon-monoxide pollution problem. On a similar note, believing that blocking EMFs is the answer to avoiding its dangers would be like believing that wrapping a plastic bag around a car's exhaust will avoid harmful pollution from cars! 

On the other hand, harmonization of EMFs would be similar to creating a technology that you can apply to your car's exhaust that transforms harmful carbon-monoxide into harmless, fresh, breathable oxygen.

Cell Phone EMF Health Risk


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and/or technologies listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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