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Garden of Life

Why Garden Of Life?

While there are hundreds of nutritional supplements on the market today, only Garden of Life offers complete, whole food nutrition in its ideal body ready form. Made with some of the finest whole food ingredients from around the world, Garden of Life products are enhanced with their proprietary Poten-Zyme™ fermentation process that maximizes nutrient absorption and utilization. Whether you are suffering from an ongoing health condition or looking to achieve optimal vitality, TMN Health encourages you to experience Garden of Life  products so that you can begin your journey to achieve a new level of extraordinary health.

Garden of Life's vision is to empower you to attain extraordinary health through a timeless, historically correct and scientifically proven approach. This focused mission has enabled them to change lives and redefine "healthy" by providing revolutionary products, education and services.

In the pages that follow, You will be introduced to the unequaled benefits of premium whole food nutrition. Proven to ease health concerns ranging from digestive disorders to low immunity, Garden of Life nutritional formulas undergo significant clinical testing. Combining the best of nature with the best of science, they ensure you receive some of the highest quality ingredients and formulas that truly work.

According to the Surgeon General's report on nutrition and health, 8 out of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States are diet-related.

While modern medicine has had many wonderful breakthroughs in the treatment of acute illnesses, which have been successfully, termed as modern miracles. Millions of people are affected by these medical marvels with little understanding of side effects or long-term usage.

Chronic diseases and health issues are on the up rise and no significant studies have shown a decrease in any future plateau. Pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed to treat symptoms rather than treating the actual disease, causing a litany of side effects, many which may actually be exacerbating the illness itself. What is the result? More medications are prescribed to counteract the newly acquired symptoms. To simplify the previous statement, placing a bandage over the original bandage.

Patients are becoming frustrated and turning to what is known as alternative modalities called nutraceuticals which are natural compounds with pharmacology properties. Nutraceuticals come in all types of forms such as probiotics, botanicals, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. While these nutraceuticals may offer a safe and effective alternative, many times however, they are merely less effective drugs and equally capable of exerting pharmacological effects on the body's chemistry, and much like a drug, force the body to deal with the substance.

In an unregulated industry such as the United Sates dietary supplement industry it is essential to provide educated and product specific science to validate the use of nutraceuticals formulation for treating health related issues. Garden of Life provides validation which allows us to attain the level of optimal health we were all meant to have.

Garden of Life's mission and passion is to share the crucial revelations about health and nutrition that have forever changed and enriched thousands of lives. TMN Health hopes this will empower you with the knowledge to make a meaningful and lasting improvement in your life.

Garden of Life


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