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Primal Defense Usage

How to take Primal Defense Ultrazorbe Caplets

How Many / How Long. This is a therapeutic product. Proceed gradually. Primal Defense begins to clean out toxins and pathogens right away. However, if you increase too quickly, the cleansing will occur faster than the body can eliminate the accumulated toxins. This may cause some discomfort (see "What to Expect When Taking Primal Defense Ultrazorbe Caplets")

  1. How many: Start with one 900mg caplet per day and work up to a minimum of six per day for an average of about three months. This is done by taking one caplet for the first few days, two for the next few days, etc. People with severe problems may want to work up to and stay on a higher dosage longer. The therapeutic dosage for chronic or problematic illness is an average of twelve 900mg. caplets per day. During the three month period you will saturate your body with beneficial bacteria and allow the immune system functions to react. After three months or so you can gradually decrease back to the recommended maintenance serving of three caplets per day (one bottle per month).
  2. Water: Drink plenty of water: 8-10oz of only distilled or reverse-osmosis filtered water.
  3. When to take: Primal Defense is most effective when taken on a timed schedule. It is best to take the product 2-3 times per day equally spaced out by time. Take on an empty stomach at least 1/2 hour before meals, first thing in the morning or before bedtime.

Prohibitions. The following prohibitions should be observed:

  1. NO CHLORINATED WATER. Chlorine can kill beneficial bacteria in the body. Use distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water only. Drinking chlorinated water once in a while (such as in a restaurant) is OK.
  2. NO HARSH HERBAL COLON CLEANSES. These may be too invasive and interfere with the bacterial balance. If constipation occurs take a mild herbal laxative. HSOs cleanse the colon of putrefaction and balance colonic bacteria environment. This is generally accomplished in a gentle, systematic manner.
  3. COLON HYDROTHERAPY (physical cleanses, water only, no oxygen) is an excellent method of removing die-off bacteria parasites, and also to remove broken up mucoid (putrefaction)
  4. NO PARASITE KILLERS. Primal Defense and olive leaf extract will assist the body with the elimination of parasites, both regular and amoebic. Some herbal parasite killers may interfere with soil organisms ability to colonize.
  5. ANTIBIOTIC DRUGS. It is believed that antibiotics MAY kill much of the bacteria in the GI track, although some strains may survive. There's no definitive research on this subject. The developing biochemist recommends continuing to take Primal Defense (as far apart from the antibiotic ingestion as possible) and increasing the dosage after the antibiotics. Do not take Primal Defense within several hours of other medications.

LIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENTS. Many things we do in our daily life affect our bacterial balance, absorption, and immune system. The following adjustments are suggested to increase your body's positive response.

  1. DECREASE COFFEE consumption. The acid in coffee will interfere with the bacterial environment. Try to consume no more than 1 cup per day.
  2. DECREASE SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES (including pasta). These feed parasites and yeast / fungi and can cause imbalances leading to diabetes and other abnormal conditions. Most of us have yeast and fungus overgrowth. Although Primal Defense will deal with this over time, why feed the pathogens if you don't have to? Many people report a decrease in sugar / carbohydrate cravings after being on the product for several months.
  3. INCREASE FRESH FRUIT and VEGETABLE consumption. This will facilitate good elimination. Try our concentrated whole food product PERFECT FOOD. It is the nutritional equivalent of 5-10 servings of organic vegetables and the Vitamin C equivalent of 2 servings of fruit (per 2 level tablespoons) There are no fillers and no herbs in Perfect Food, and people who use it report increased energy and better elimination.
  4. INCREASE WATER consumption. You should be drinking at least eight 8-oz glasses of good water (not juice) a day on an empty stomach. Water helps flush toxins from the body to prevent re-absorption.

OTHER SUPPLEMENTS OR MEDICATION. Primal Defense can increase absorption. This means everything you ingest, including supplements, drugs and food, will be absorbed and assimilated better. You will need to monitor any medication, such as insulin and blood pressure medicine, to insure that you are not taking too much. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and whole food supplements (such as greens) are fine. Many people can eliminate enzyme supplements. Primal Defense is enzymatic in action especially when taken before meals. Primal Defense can replace other probiotics. Primal Defense contains ocean phytoplanktons (similar to blue/green algae) that contain over 70 micronutrients. These micronutrients are easily absorbed, providing a good base of trace minerals, proteins, and enzymes.

What To Expect When Taking Primal Defense "UltraZorbe Caplets

What Are Beneficial Bacteria? The beneficial microorganisms in the Primal Defense are multiple strains of beneficial "transient" and "resident" bacteria. Our bodies do not manufacture soil bacteria; we used to ingest them every day with unpolluted food from rich non-chemical soil. Since it is difficult to get unpolluted food or soil any more, and we live a lifestyle that kills off much of the good bacteria in our bodies, we have to supplement our diet every day with these organisms. "Resident" bacteria such as acidophillus can only proliferate when we eat the right living foods, our colons are not overrun with yeast or pahogenic bacteria, and our colonic pH is slightly acidic. Beneficial bacteria have multiple function in our bodies. One is to cleanse the rotting layers of undigested hydrocarbons lining our digestive system (including the small intestine); another is to trigger the immune system to create extra immune-bolstering chemicals and extra antibodies (B-lymphocytes). These vigorous antibodies travel the body searching out pathogens or foreign matter, and the increased immune function helps eliminate parasites as well as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts that are in the body actively or left over from previous illnesses. A fight then begins between the revitalized immune system and the pathogenic invaders that will cause a "die-off" (detoxification).

90-Day Program. "Good" bacteria in our intestines are responsible for keeping the "bad" bacteria in check to establish proper balance in the GI tract. Because most of us have putrefaction and bad bacteria, the friendly bacteria in Primal Defense must battle overwhelming odds to crowd out pathogens and have enough left over to provide the immune system with the proper stimulus. THIS NATURAL RESTORATION PROCESS TAKES TIME. You didn't arrive at your current health state overnight. If you are taking the product because you have a health problem, DO NOT EXPECT TO SEE OVERNIGHT RESULTS. BE PREPARED TO COMMIT TO A MINIMUM OF 90 DAYS at the recommended dosage.

Toxin Elimination. Your body may go through a "Healing Opportunity" period. As the body cleanses and repairs itself, toxins MUST BE PURGED from the body. For example, a "cold" is not "the sickness", a cold is the process by which your body eliminates the toxins after the fact. Many people have very few or mild toxin-elimination responses. But some MAY go through what is known as a "Herxheimer Reaction" when the body goes through a bout of what is or has been a symptom of illness. In homeopathy, it is commonly assumed a Herxheimer Reaction is a desired signal meaning the treatment is working. Symptoms of a prior condition repeating for a period of time are called "retracing". If you do experience a "healing opportunity", Do Not Panic, This is Normal! The HSO's in Primal Defense are not making you sick. The yeast, fungi, harmful bacteria, parasites or viruses in your body are reacting to your body's own cleansing process.

Many people, when they understand why they may get a reaction, welcome any temporary discomfort they might experience as evidence of the cleansing and healing process. This discomfort is usually short and mild, from several hours to a day or two depending on the individual. For example, a person with allergies may go through an allergic period with headaches, stuffed nose, etc. Someone with chronic fatigue may go through a short time of exhaustion or weakness. A period of constipation is common as putrefaction is being pulled from the colon.

1. Bowel Function. If you've had constipation for a long time, you may have bouts of constipation while the digestive system goes through the normalization process, especially at the higher levels of Primal Defense. Increased constipation is a result not merely of lack of fiber but absence of the good bacteria necessary for enzymatic action on the food. Primal Defense will help your body regulate the elimination process. THIS WILL TAKE TIME. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to aid in the process and take a good green drink (try our "Perfect Food" organic whole food powder) as a supplement. If at any time you become too uncomfortable, decrease the dosage (i.e. if you are taking 6 caplets, back down to 3 or 4.) Do no be alarmed if your stools become very dark. This is the putrefaction being eliminated.

2. Headaches, Sore Throat, Body Aches, Allergic Symptoms, Runny Nose, Phlegm, Pimples or Skin Rashes, Flu-like Symptoms. These are regarded as classic symptoms of detoxification of the body. Rarely will these reactions cause much discomfort; often they last for only several hours and sometimes several days. Poisons have to come out of the body somewhere, and usually come out in the weakest areas. If one has had pneumonia or lung problems, often he will experience mucous and phlegm coughed up from the lungs. Sinus problems often result in headaches as the toxins are being eliminated through the digestive system. DRINK AT LEAST 8 GLASSES OF NON-CHLORINATED WATER DAILY. This will help flush the toxins out of the system.

3. Yeast and Fungus. Primal Defense is extremely aggressive against yeast and other fungi. If you have this problem, start by taking a small amount (1/2 caplet) and gradually increase to 9 to 12 per day. Many people experience yeast elimination very quickly. Sometimes this process takes several months. You may go through some sugar/carbohydrate cravings or even mild depression and tiredness. THIS IS NORMAL and will pass. If you get fecal tests, do not be surprised if more yeast or "bad" bacteria show up in your stool in the first several months. They have to come out somewhere! Because this elimination can be very quick or heavy, proceed conservatively.

4. Discomfort. IF AT ANY TIME YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO CURTAIL YOUR ACTIVITIES, REDUCE YOUR DOSAGE. If you are taking 3 caplets, reduce to 1 caplet. Do not stop taking the product! Just slow down so the toxin elimination is not so fast. Remember, if you are ill, the only way back to permanent health is to eliminate the cause of the disease, not to treat symptoms with drugs.

Primal Defense

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