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Water Hydration System

The SECRET'S OUT: Intelligent Water for Hydrating your body

Dehydration and water hydration are two major health issue today. 75 % of the human body is water. Many believe water may be the most powerful healing substance ever known to man. Each day your loose roughly 2.5 liters of water through normal bodily functions. Damage to your body has already occurred by the time you feel thirsty. The more you know about how important water is to your health, the more you will understand why i-Water™ is the most important decision you can make today for your health.

Did you know

  • Drinking the equivalent of 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%.
  • 85% of brain tissue is water and dehydration causes energy generation in the brain to decrease.
  • Drinking the equivalent of 5 glasses of water a day decreases the risk of breast cancer by 79%.
  • Dehydration has been linked to depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Simply put, iWater™ hydration system does what no other water does. Through the proprietary, patented MRET® (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) it alters the molecular structure of water without any foreign or chemical substance being introduced into the water. Coupled with BIOPRO’s proprietary ERT™ (Energy Resonance Technology), which imprints a vital subtle energy signature into the water, i-H2O™ represents a major scientific breakthrough in water hydration technology. Through a sophisticated, scientifically proven activation process, iWater™ transforms the molecular structure of the water to closely resemble the natural geomagnetic field found near healing water springs. i-H2O™ thereby delivers health benefits so convincing that space agency researchers are looking to use it on lunar settlements and space missions in the future. Wash off or spray fruits, vegetables and even meats and experience the anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant effects.


There is absolutely no commercially available water on the planet that compares to iWater™. It's so intelligent that even NASA wants it.

i-H20™ is a high-tech activation unit for your household that intelligently activates pure drinking water or any other liquid like milk, juice, wine and oils, unlocking their most powerful health and wellness secrets. Ordinary types of water just don’t compare!

  • Helps hydrate cells three times faster than ordinary water
  • Aids absorption deeply into veins and capillaries
  • Assists improvements in cellular function
  • Helps improve circulatory system
  • Promotes powerful antioxident effects
  • Supports vital cell communication
  • Aids in promoting healthy intestinal flora
  • Strong bactericidal effect and enhances immune response.
  • Supports acceleration of nutrient and vitamin availability

How Importance is Water

  • Even MILD dehydration will slow down the body’s metabolism as much as 3%.
  • Lack of water is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue. Research has shown that a 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25-30% loss of energy in most people, a 15% drop causes death.
  • Optimizing water intake allows the body to drop 4 or 5 pounds the first week because it improves bodily functions allowing the body to burn stored fat.
  • Dehydrated cartilage increases friction forces to the joints, resulting in joint deterioration and pain.
  • Lack of water thickens blood making it difficult for the heart to pump and also shuts down capillaries making it difficult for nutrients to get to vital organs.
  • Lack of water and aging makes our skin become drier. Proper hydration is vital to keeping skin looking smooth, healthy and young.

The Science behind i-Water™

The Discovery and Development

Following the disastrous nuclear radiation leak at Chernobyl, the brilliant Russian Scientist Dr. Igor Smirnov and his team were called in by the Soviet Union government to research the healing effects of certain mountain springs on victims of the radioactive fallout. For centuries the locals had used these healing springs, but what was it about the water that could actually help victims of radiation exposure? Through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tests and Infrared Spectroscopy, Dr. Smirnov discovered the water’s healing secrets, an unusual configuration and high-energy activity of water molecules. Following that amazing discovery, Dr. Smirnov focused his efforts on a technology that could replicate this amazing natural process. The result—MRET®, a proprietary, patented noise field technology that closely resembles the natural geomagnetic field found near healing water springs, which effectively activates and structures water molecules. And now, is delivering all the secrets of this advanced technology to you!

The Research

  • Cedar-Sinai Medical Center

  • Geomagnetic & Environment Lab

  • Cal State University

  • Engene Biotech, Inc.

  • National University of Singapore

  • Nu Mega Resonance Lab

  • USACAI Environmental Lab

  • Kiev State University

  • Kiev Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology

  • Moscow State University

How i-Water™ Works

The essence of i-Water™ lays in its combination of two cutting-edge technologies: the proprietary, patented MRET® and BIOPRO’s proprietary ERT™. The process utilizes a one-of-a-kind dual action that synergistically couples the special polymeric composition of MRET® and the subtle energy imprinting of ERT™. A combination of magnets and an LED (Light Emitting Diode) excites the patented MRET® polymer, emitting a highly effective noise-field. The low frequency oscillations activate and change the water or liquids molecular structure into a highly intelligent, bio-available water or liquid. Coupled with BIOPRO’s proprietary ERT™ (Energy Resonance Technology), which imprints a vital subtle energy signature into the water, i-Water™ truly represents a major scientific breakthrough in water technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is i-Water™ different?
A. Unlike other kinds of water, i-H2O™ is a physical process that’s non-chemical and bio-safe.

Q. Why can most people feel the results from drinking i-H2O™ within 24 hours?
A. i-H2O™ has higher molecular activity. As a result of this higher potential energy and super-liquidity, i-H2O™ assimilates very quickly and easily into cells.

Q. Why is i-Water™ water beneficial as it relates to Electropollution?
A. One of the key issues of electropollution exposure is that at the cellular level EMR triggered stress compromises intercellular communication so that cells cannot talk to each other and do their jobs together efficiently. In addition all these stresses cause cell membranes to effectively “harden” creating a fundamental disruption in your body’s metabolic processes. The result - harmful toxins become trapped in your cells and vital nutrients cannot get into your cells, leaving you more vulnerable to illness and disease. i-H2O™, due to its tremendously low viscosity and exceptional absorbability, helps to increase the local metabolic efficiency in the cellular environment. Its efficient nutrient carrier properties assist in more effective expulsion of toxins out of the cells, as well as more optimal uptake of nutrients into the cells. Public health officials also point to i-H2O's™ ability to increase the efficiency of vital intercellular communication, an important aspect to allowing the body to resist and self-repair damage caused by electropollution exposure.

Q. Many people are aware that cells "talk" to one another. Does i-H2O™ enhance that communication?
A. Yes, public health officials point to i-H2O’s™ ability to increase the efficiency of vital intercellular communication, an important aspect to allowing the body to resist and self-repair damage caused by electropollution exposure. Effectively hydrating the pathways between cells is an essential aspect of maintaining and/or reestablishing proper intercellular communication.

Q. Will i-H2O™ change water’s pH?
A. i-H2O™ balances the pH of water by reducing the alkalinity or acidity, which depends on the source of water.

Q. Can I activate the water more than 30 minutes?
A. The optimal activation is 30 minutes. You will not get additional energy absorption by activating for longer than 30 minutes.

Q. Can I drink i-H2O™ daily?
A. Yes. i-H2O™ offers exceptional hydration for your body, which your body may not be used to. We recommend you easing into your i-Water™ experience over a period of several weeks by starting slowly and working your way up to the maximum recommended amount of 3 glasses (24 fl.oz.) of i-H2O™ per day. If you are currently ill, or under the care of a physician, please consult your physician before incorporating i-H2O™ into your life.

Q. Is it beneficial to spray i-H2O™ water on my face and/or skin and if so, what benefits could I expect from doing so?
A. Yes, it is absolutely beneficial to spray i-H2O™ water on your face and/or skin. Here is why: Biological and environmental aging is, among other things, a function of the efficiency in the cellular metabolism diminishing over time. Our skin is the largest organ our body has. It is also a very special organ because unlike internal organs, it is literally exposed to everything that we come in contact with. Because of that characteristic, it has characteristics that make it more resistant in some regards than other organs. However, when faced with chemical exposures, as well as physical exposures like heat and cold, plus biological exposures like viruses, bacteria, etc. it is critically important that the skin cells have the ability to communicate with each other as it’s the skin’s job is to protect all of the other organs.

The way that communication between skin cells (which spread both across, as well as deep into the skin’s various layers) is facilitated, is driven by the amount of (moisture and viscosity) of the interstitial fluid - the fluid that literally flows like a river in between cells. If one imagines Skin Cell “A” wanting to communicate with Skin Cell “B”, then metaphorically speaking the message is delivered by what could be compared to a little boat traveling from one cell to the other. However, there two ways for that vital cellular communication to be disturbed:

1) One way is for the ‘river’ (the interstitial fluid) to dry up. If that’s the case, the ‘boat’ is unable to travel from Cell ‘A’ to Cell ‘B’. In order to prevent the ‘river’ from drying up, the moisturizing properties of BIOPRO’s i-H2O™ are vitally important.

2) The other way for cellular communication to be disturbed is the following: EMR triggers the cell membranes to interpret the EMR waves as being under siege so that protective reactions occur which close down active transport channels between cells. In this context, it’s important to understand that while UV and other environmental toxins also directly damage the cell membrane, they do NOT close down the active transport channels. Only EMR does that, which makes this toxin so unique and such a powerful key contributor to skin damaging/aging. When active transport channels are closed down by EMR, the proteins on the cell surface that are responsible to communicate to surrounding cells are not able to get adequate energy to facilitate the communication. As a result, skin cells are unable to communicate with each other. In other words, in the presence of EMR, the efficiency with which ones body can compensate for the other toxins is severely compromised. The reason is because the messages that – in the absence of EMR – would for example recruit T-cells to help repair skin damage cannot be sent (as a result of EMR having shut down the active transport channels). i-H2O™ supplies essential moisture to the skin (which is beneficial because the ‘river’ of interstitial fluid is replenished and flowing again). However, without the MRET® and ERT™ charge in the i-H2O™, there still would not be a way to push the “messenger boat” across (from cell to cell) because of lack of energy. i-H2O™ supplies that energy by facilitating the cellular communication, which in turn results in the skin’s own repair mechanisms to return to normal function. In summary, i-H2O™ powered by MRET® and ERT™ helps re-establish intercellular communication as well as supplies the skin with essential, effectively penetrating moisture that facilitates optimal hydration. i-H2O™ assists in keeping the skin moist and elastic, as well as more resistant to the daily onslaught of environmental stressors.

Q. Can I use i-H2O™ to wash the body or hair?
A. Yes. The enhanced hydrogen bond in i-H2O™ actually balances the water’s pH, making it “softer” which helps you have smoother, softer skin and shinier hair.

Q. Does i-H2O™ contain minerals?
A. It depends on the source of the water. If you use water that is enriched with minerals, then there are minerals in i-H2O™. We recommend you not use tap water unless you pass it through a filtration process before activation.

Q. Can we use i-H2O™ for cooking or activating other liquids?
A. Yes! You can activate water, milk, juice or any liquid including wine, coffee and tea.

Q. Can I wash fruits and vegetables with i-Water™?
A. Yes. i-H2O™ will keep washed vegetables and fruits longer and fresher in the refrigerator.

Q. Can i-H2O™ be refrigerated?
A. Yes. You can store i-H2O™ in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

Q. Can i-H2O™ be stored in a metal container?
A. It is better to store i-Water™ in a ceramic, glass or plastic container. Short-term storage in metal sport bottle is okay.

There are so many benefits to using i-Water™ - internally and externally, and this one-of-a-kind system enables you to discover it. There's never been a more intelligent water, nor a more intelligent system to enjoy all its dehydration and water hydration health benefits!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and/or technologies listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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