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Cell Phone Chip

Is Your Cell Phone Really Safe?

"A warning given by an experienced person to someone willing to listen is more valuable made of the finest gold." Proverbs 25:12



Ten or more years of mobile phone use increases the risk of developing acoustic neuroma, according to a study released on Wednesday October 14, 2004 by Sweden's Karolinska Institute.


2 Hour exposure to high-frequency EMF waves (i.e. wireless cell phones) can lead to irreparable DNA breaks in brain cells.


Pulsed high-frequency fields, as used in cellular phones, affect biological processes in the brain, which are measurable by EEGs

FACT:   Researchers found that 2 hours exposure to cell phones cause brain cancer in rats and destruction of cells important for memory and learning.

 Cell Chip

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5G Electromagnetic field (EMF) waves may negatively affect your brain and body. Commands transmitted from your brain are executed incorrectly, and tests show that EMF waves radiated by wireless cell phones can even damage DNA and cause acoustic neuroma!  These results are just the beginning, but with the Chip you finally have a plan to protect your family and yourself from cell phone radiation! 

  • Ground-breaking invention after 20 years of research
  • Developed by German Scientist
  • Backed by research study from Research Institute for Vital Energetics Germany
  • Based on modern physics' guiding principle of energy and information
  • Reprograms transversal and longitudinal waves of Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless cell-phones
  • Measurably neutralizes the negative effects of EMFs from cell-phones on bio-energetic field of the human body
  • Information permanently stored inside the Chip system, plus the energy of light guarantee flawless and indefinite operation
  • No maintenance necessary – EVER! 

Ten highest-radiation cell phones (U.S.)

Manufacturer and model SAR level (digital)

1.   Motorola V120c 1.55 
2.   Motorola V70 1.55 
3.   Motorola P8767 1.55
4.   Motorola ST7868 1.53
5.   Motorola ST7868W 1.53
6.   Motorola A845 1.51
7.   Panasonic Allure 1.51
8.   Treo 650 GSM 1.51
9.   Sony Ericsson P910 1.50 
10.  Ericsson T28 World 1.49
11.  Nokia 5170i 1.49
12.  Panasonic EB-TX210 1.49
13.  Panasonic EB-TX220 1.49

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people think that using wireless cell phones is dangerous?
Some users of wireless cell phones claim they have experienced symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, memory loss, etc. when using the phone. Numerous scientific studies support these claims, and a possible link between mobile phone emissions and adverse conditions such as cancer has been reported.

What kind of radiation do wireless cell phones produce and emit?
wireless cell phones emit microwave radiation from the antenna and ELF from the circuitry of the handset.

We are surrounded by EMFs, many of them naturally occurring, why should wireless cell phones be a problem?
The levels of microwave and ELF emitted from cell phones into the heads of users are millions of times above the levels of corresponding, naturally occurring background EMFs. Furthermore, the emissions from cell phones are totally different in their structure from natural background EMFs. Cell phones emit constant bursts of microwave and constant pulses of ELF; fields in nature have totally random properties.
In conclusion, cell phone EMF emissions are totally distinct in their properties as well as their intensity, as compared to natural background EMFs.

Is non-ionising radiation (radiowaves) from cell phones similar to X-rays?
Non-ionizing radiation is different from X-rays in terms of the frequency and energy content per "unit" of radiation, the so-called photon-energy. Non-ionizing radiation contains much less photon-energy than X-rays and has a much lower frequency. X-rays have such high photon-energy that it can directly damage bio-molecules, non-ionising radiation does not have this capability. However, research has shown that non-ionising radiation can have indirect effects with biological consequences similar to those caused by X-rays.

What is the difference between EMF emissions and radiation?
EMF emissions in general mean EMFs emitted from non-natural sources, such as power lines, hair dryers and wireless cell phones. Radiation usually means EMFs which are not of ELF type, i.e., radio frequencies and microwaves.

What are the safety standards for cell phone emissions?
Safety standards for cell phones vary from country to country.  The scientific basis for the standards is that they should make sure that brain tissue is not "significantly" heated by the radiation, since heating believed by some scientists to be the only potential health hazard associated with cell phone emissions.

If there are safety standards, what is the problem?
The problem is that a substantial, growing body of scientific evidence has demonstrated that there are significant, potentially adverse biological effects associated with EMFs such as those emitted from cell phones, which are much lower in energy than the safety standards. Therefore, many scientists believe that the current safety standards are inadequate.

What is the scientific evidence that wireless cell phones cause biological effects?
There is a substantial body of scientific evidence showing that mobile phone radiation cause significant biological effects. Some of the latest studies:

  • The Wireless Technology Research (WTR), a research body sponsored by the cell phone industry, announced in May 1999 that a study performed at Integrated Laboratory Systems in Triangle Park, North Carolina, on human blood cells showed a tripling in chromosome damage caused by cell phone radiation.  According to Dr. Carlo, the chairman of WTR, this is a strong link to cancer.  

  • An Australian study, headed by Dr. Repacholi, published in 1997, showed that mice exposed to cell phone radiation for 18 months for two times half an hour per day had a two times higher risk of developing cancer than unexposed mice.

  • In 1997, Dr. Miguel Penafiel and his team of the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, found that cell phone radiation increased the activity of a cancer related enzyme called ornithine decarboxylase (ODC).

  • Scientists at Aarhus University in Denmark have in 1997 shown that cell phone radiation accelerates proliferation rate of human cells.

  • Dr. Henry Lai of University of Seattle, Washington, has consistently shown that microwaves change the function of the brain and the secretion of critical brain substances. One of the effects is that learning and short term memory are impaired. Another effect consistently found by Dr. Lai is DNA damage to rat brains caused by the radiation.

  • Scientists at the Department of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK, have shown that transgenic nematodes, used to monitor toxic pollutants, become stressed by cell phone EMFs in the same way as they do by toxic chemicals.

Cell phones also emit ELF fields from the circuitry of the phone body. There is a very substantial body of scientific evidence showing that ELF fields cause significant biological effects. All this evidence also applies to cell phones.

Has the research appeared in peer reviewed journals/replicated?
Yes, the research has appeared in peer reviewed journals. Very few scientists are interested in doing replication under identical circumstances as the research conducted by other scientists. They prefer to vary the conditions and study slightly different markers. This is not necessarily a drawback, since with biological material it is very difficult to do an exact replication. The large amount of research at slightly varied conditions, and with different markers, make up a very substantial body of evidence.

What are the possible health implications of the research into bioeffects?
The possible health implications relate to impaired brain function and behavioral disorders, symptoms like headaches and fatigue, and an increased risk of cancer, degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Is there any evidence that cell phones can cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, memory loss, etc.?
Dr. Lennart Hardell, a Swedish cancer specialist, has recently announced the results of a yet unpublished study showing that right-handed cell phone users have a two-and-a-half times increased risk of brain cancer in the right-hand side of the head where they hold their phones. Left-handed cell phone users have the same risk elevation of a brain cancer in the left-hand side of the brain.

There is a substantial body of epidemiological studies reporting an association between ELF fields and cancer. This caused a 28 member scientific panel, convened by the US National Institute of Health Sciences (NIEHS), to conclude in July 1998 that "extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields should be regarded as possible carcinogens". As cell phones, in addition to the microwaves from the antenna, also emit ELF fields from the internal circuitry of the handset body, the research relating to ELF effects also applies to cell phones.

Regarding Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, epidemiological data are scarcer; there have been studies conducted by Dr. Sobel, UCLA, in Finland and Los Angeles, reporting a consistent and significant increase in the risk of Alzheimer’s for occupationally exposed individuals (ELF-type fields) such as seamstresses, power station operators, TV-repairmen, etc. In addition, laboratory studies on cell and tissue cultures report that EMFs induce effects similar to the biological mechanisms believed to be involved in the development of these diseases.

Many users of cell phones have claimed that they feel the radiation from the handsets makes them confused and more forgetful. There is substantial laboratory evidence from studies of animals supporting these claims. Maze experiments with rats have shown that the animals have difficulties locating food in the maze when they have been exposed to cell phone radiation. In addition, scientific studies have revealed that EMF exposures change the production of neurochemicals in the brain and central nervous system, indicating a potential induced change in brain function.

Why has more research not been done? And is there more research being conducted?
In the past there has been a severe lack of funds for research into the effects of EMFs. There is more research being done today; however, a large part of research is funded by the cell phone industry and may therefore be biased.

How do all the studies on animals (flies, mice, rats, chick embryos, etc.) relate to human health?
Animals are widely used to study the effects of chemicals, drugs, additives, radiation, etc. Even though humans are different from animals, the basic biochemical processes taking place in animals are remarkably similar to the biochemical processes in humans.

Cell Phone Usage Frequently Asked Questions

I have been a heavy user of wireless cell phones for years and I feel fine, why should I feel concerned? How do I know if there is a problem?
Some people feel a specific or an unspecific symptom when they use a mobile phone, others don’t. It is highly individual. It has been reported in scientific papers that EMFs such as those emitted from wireless cell phones may significantly increase the risk of conditions such as cancer. Individuals developing such conditions rarely feel anything before it’s too late. Therefore, even if you "feel nothing", it is no guarantee that you are safe.

Does using an ear piece help? (How far away should I keep my handset from the head?)
Nobody knows for certain, since scientific studies have reported biological effects induced by radiation intensities thousands of times below the level emitted from wireless cell phones. This means that even the reduction in head exposure intensity obtained by using an ear piece may not bring the level of radiation below the threshold where biological effects occur. In general, any reduction in the intensity of radiation emitted into the head of the user is of course desirable; however, if the user is carrying the handset in his belt, s/he will be exposing important blood cell producing tissues in the pelvic bones, as well as his/her reproductive organs to radiation.

Is there any risk from keeping my phone on standby in my pocket?
Your cell phone, even when not it use (but turned on), does still emit harmful waves that can potentially effect the body. 

Why haven’t more human laboratory studies been made?
Laboratory studies on humans are difficult and costly to conduct. Therefore, the research has been focused on cell and humane animal laboratory studies and epidemiological studies on humans. However, some studies have been made on humans showing an increased blood pressure, changed EEG readings (brain waves) and changed EKG readings (heart beats) as a result of mobile phone radiation.

What are Cell Chips and how were they developed?
Cell Chips are a technology designed to eliminate the biological effects of EMF exposure.  The Cell Chip technology has been developed as a result of a large research effort. For specific research of the technology, please click here.

How do the Cell Chips work?
Please read the Research Studies conducted, as well as a more detailed presentation on how the technology works.

What evidence is there that it protects me from EMF waves?
Please read the Research Studies conducted, as well as a more detailed presentation on how the technology works. 

Will my Cell Chips interfere with the normal functioning or range of my cell phone?
Cell Chips will not interfere at all with the operation or range of your cellular phone.

Will my Cell Chips affect talk and standby time?
No, your Cell Chips will have no affect on talk or standby time.

Will my Cell Chips interfere with other cellular phones or other electrical equipment?
No. There is no electronic interference associated with the Cell Chips.

Will my Cell Chips stop my ear becoming warm when I use my phone?
The technology will not eliminate tissue heating and any inconveniences associated with your phone. However, some of the "heating" sensation may be associated with the induction of stress proteins, a biological effect not necessarily associated with heating, and thus the Cell Chips may help to reduce that symptom.

Will my Cell Chips stop me getting the headaches that I get when I use my cellular phone?
If your headache is caused by non-heating biological effects induced by cellular phone EMFs, the Cell Chips should stop this headache. If actual heating or exhaustion from talking on the phone causes your headache, the Cell Chips will not stop this.

Does this mean that I will not have to worry at all about the radiation or should I continue to use an earpiece?
With the  Cell Chips, you will not have to worry about negative biological effects from EMF waves. If you are bothered by actual heating of your phone, you should consider an earpiece or other device so the cellular phone is not held next to your ear.

Do YOU Really Want to Wait Until the Rest of the World Admits 
Wireless Phones Cause Damage to Your Health?

Late lessons from early warning
Graphic: Health warnings in history (.pdf)

Renowned scientists indicate that wireless cell phone radiation tremendously impairs membranes of the circulatory and nervous system. These membranes ensure the normal constant chemical setting in the brain and repel toxins.

The EMF problem has been categorized as a new form of pollution as consequential as air and water pollution. It has also been linked to the hazards of asbestos and cigarette smoking. In terms of its snowballing health effects, it's been compared to the slow process of lead poisoning.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and/or technologies listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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