Electromagnetic Fields
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Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health 

The negative effects of electromagnetic fields is now a focal point for human health studies by scientists, academics and public health officials from around the world ever since the World Health Organization (WHO), concluded that there is “sufficient evidence” to apply the precautionary principle to both power-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These precautionary principle call for taking action to protect environmental and human health in the face of uncertain risks. 

"The possibilities that cause most concern are cancers of the brain or other parts of the head, and neurodegenerative disease, memory loss or loss of mental faculties, all resulting later in life from exposures accumulated earlier in life," states a draft of an unreleased WHO case study, obtained by the Toronto Star.

Evidence from tests on plants and bioassays, from space research, from physiology, psychology and studies of biological rhythms as presented by Presman clearly showed his point: An organism can be affected by electromagnetic fields in the environment, from other organisms as well as by itself.

It has been proven that the following functions are affected negatively by these high frequency radiation (depending on wave frequency): Enzyme and hormone activity; the immune system; nerve, heart, and blood circulation activity; metabolism of hydrocarbon, proteins, nucleic acid, greasing and trace elements (metals); kidney and liver functions; oxygen household, oxygen transportation in cells; the acid mirror (pH value) of blood and tissue; tumor formation and growth; wound and bone healing.

Predominantly negative effects on fertility seem to have static electromagnetic fields: In bioassays they led to abnormal sperm cell formation, disturbances in the female cycle, deformations and growth disturbances, and caused a decline in birth rates, and an increased infant mortality rate. Obviously, this causes mutations and disturbs cell division.

In a 1971 report to the American Ministry of Health, scientists K.T. T. Yao and M. M. Jielsan mentioned alarming genetic damages, such as breaks and partial untwisting of DNA cells in animals. Similar electromagnetic-induced chromosome changes were also discovered in humans’ white blood cells.  Human Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) once defined health as the absence of disease. The Western World has spent years treating the symptoms of disease without the focus on the cause and/or prevention. Thankfully, times are changing.

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