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Hands Free EMF Headset

Making Cell Phone Safety a Priority

The hands free EMF headset keeps electromagnetic radiation away from your head! The Hands Free Headset keeps radiation away from the head by using a hollow "air tube" with the patented Aircom 2 technology to transmit sound from a speaker located at a distance from the head. The tube and earpiece contain no metal conductors, hence virtually eliminating any radiation otherwise present in conventional Hands Free units. Many health experts agree that using an air-tube hands free headset is the safest way to use a cell phone.

Hands Free EMF Headset


Tests by accredited laboratories show that using the “Cell Phone Hands Free System” reduces electromagnetic radiation parameters by 98%. 

Combined with the stress response harmonizing and thermal effect altering Cell Chips, the radiation reducing Hands Free headset provides you with the most powerful “one-two punch” to reduce your exposure to damaging Electromagnetic Radiation for you and your family.
  • An Ultra-Light Hollow Air Tube with Patented Aircom 2 Technology Keeps Radiation Away
  • Hollow air tube and earpiece contain no metal conductors
  • World’s Only Headset Powered by the Patented MRET and proprietary ERT Technologies
  • Complies with Hands Free Driving Laws

When research surfaced years ago that cell phone radiation potential poses significant health-hazards to cell phone users around the world, many people started buying and using cell phone "Hands Free kits", hoping they would protect them from dangerous radiation.

However, more recent studies commissioned by Britain's Consumer Association and published by Science Journals around the world suggest that Hands Free kits actually increase radiation to a cell phone users head by three and a half times! The editor for the Consumer Association's Magazine said. "It's clear that consumers can't rely on Hands Free kits to reduce radiation emissions at the brain from mobile phones."

It has been suggested that the wire connecting the earpiece to the phone acts as an aerial and channels radiation towards the users' head. Also, the positioning of the wire hanging next to the user's head seemed crucial. When the wire was straight, it was discovered that radiation passing into the brain was much higher.


Why do I need to use a Hands Free Headset if I already have the Cell Chip on my phone?

recommends the use of both products to address the complicated problem of EMR exposure. The Cell Chip assists in addressing the stress response, as well as reducing EMF exposure. The Hands Free Headset goes one step further in making your cell phone usage safer. A conventional headset (instead of Hands Free Headset) actually attracts environmental EMR from other electronic devices. The wiring that connects your cell phone to the earpiece literally works as an antenna for ambient EMR. Therefore, introduced the Hands Free Headset - it features an air tube, therefore avoiding the above described antenna effect. Also, most states are requiring hands free use of cell phones due to safety concerns and, the Hands Free Headset allows you to safely comply with those new laws.

Do I need to apply a Cell Chip to the earpiece of my Hands Free Headset?

No, the Hands Free Headset is "wireless" therefore it does not emit or attract ambient EMR. It also contains the patented MRET and ERT technologies. still does recommend that the cell phone in which the headset is plugged into should have the Cell Chip applied to it. This offers the best overall intervention to the effects of EMR exposure.

How long is the connection between the earpiece and the plug that goes into the cell phone?

The Hands Free Headset has a retractable cord which allows you to set a distance that's most comfortable for you while still offering plenty of mobility.

Most headsets are very difficult to hear the other party. The volume always seems lower than my cell phone's volume. How does the Hands Free Headset compare?

Once you adjust the speaker volume on your cell phone (the handset) to a higher volume, any potential low volume issues should disappear. On most phones, there is a "settings" menu item, allowing you to adjust the volume that is transferred to your Hands Free Headset, etc. As it relates to the Hands Free Headset in particular, make sure that the volume setting on your cell phone is set to "high". Please also note that with the Hands Free Headset, the sound is being created in the speaker attached below the air tube. From there, it travels upward through the air towards the earpiece (which is the very reason for the headset attracting 98% less radiation than a conventional headset). In conventional headsets, the sound is being produced in the earpiece itself, requiring a radiation-attracting wire to run all the way up against your head (not advisable), as well as creating audible static. The innovative design of the Hands Free Headset effectively eliminates these issues.

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