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Vitalzym™ Testimonials

Vitalzym Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, read some satisfied customer testimonials...

Your Experience

If you currently prescribe to Vitalzym, please click here to tell us about your experience.

I have suffered with TMJ disease (Temporo-Mandibular Joint or Jaw Joint) for several years. I have had laser surgery, physical therapy, and acupuncture with no relief. I have been unable to sleep and eat at times because of the pain. Two months ago I started taking Vitalzym and this week I have no pain and feel better than I have in years.

Thank You so much for your product.

- Roberta Fowler, Port Lavaca, TX

"Just wanted to say thanks for your product, Vitalzym.

I have had many reports of improvements for various complaints from pains, to swelling of joints, to Raynaud's... being relieved by Vitalzym.

Two of the most remarkable were in cardiac patients with claudication of their legs besides the angina they had. One was getting ozone treatments with Calcium EDTA chelation and was no longer having pain at rest. All of his major coronary arteries were completely occluded and Mayo clinic had tried laser, robotic therapy, rotorutter,... and for five years running, he had spent over $10,000 for a month of failed treatments each year. After three weeks of the above chelation therapy he felt better, but paid a price for exertion. After a few days on the Vitalzym, as well as chelation and ozone saunas, he's back hunting, fishing, hiking... with no pain in his chest or legs.

The other fella was as bad... with angina at rest and claudication on 15 feet of walking, he, too, had the calcium EDTA and ozone saunas and was better, but came in today stating the he was able to walk to the grocery store without having to stop once and didn't even feel a tinge of pain or fatigue just two days after starting the Vitalzym.

My hat's off to your company for such a good response...far better than your competitor (I dare not refer to the "W" product here). I will continue to refer patients to you for their products."


- Dan O. Harper, MD, Conrad, MT

My name is Peder Heineman. I am writing you to thank you for your miracle product, VITALZYM.

In 1945, at age 6, my friend, Bobbie and I fell into a pocket of radiation while playing the game Red Rover. We did not know it was radiation then, but immediately our lungs started burning badly. Betty, a girl slightly older than us, helped us up. It felt like we had the wind knocked out of us but it did not go away. Bobbie died within a few months and Betty died at age 35. I survived, but had the worst Asthma, and scar tissue on my lungs (and in and on my organs and throughout my body). I could exert myself for only 2 or 3 minutes and I would collapse gasping for air. My whole life since then has been a health nightmare.

I didn't find out I had been radiated until 1995, fifty years after the fall into the pocket of Iodine 131. The release was 650,000 curries of Iodine 131. After raining, the moisture caused the pocket to form.

I am now 63 and had been referred to as 'death warmed over' since 1996, because the medical community did not have a category for my medical problem. Just one month ago, I took what I thought was my last trip to my Doctor. He let me list my medical maladies and then said, "your body is full of scar tissue, right? So, take this new product and thank the man upstairs, because it eats scar tissue, and it is a miracle."

I now have increased lung function by 25%, virtually no pain, can walk with my wife, walk two flights of stairs without getting winded, and feel better every day!

How can I thank you for this miracle? Maybe by helping others understand that this miracle product can help all people feel better, because fibrin is caused by aging and is formed after injury or illness. 

Thank you for my miracle.
- Peder Heineman, Wilkesboro, NC

I have suffered for many years with severe allergies and continual back pain from injuries sustained while serving in the armed forces as a helicopter pilot during the Viet Nam Conflict. I started taking VITALZYM daily in January and by March all but the mildest symptoms of my allergies have disappeared and I have had no back pain. I can now enjoy playing golf pain free and allergy free. I highly recommend VITALZYM as part of one's daily nutritional regimen.

- Jim Holmes, President, The Marketing Group, Scottsdale, AZ

I find it difficult to describe how wonderful I feel ! In December I was a kidney donor. Of course I was extremely uncomfortable. I was on the way to recovery when in March I got the flu. I do not have enough hands to cough and sneeze, and felt as bad after the flu as I had in January. My boss suggested Vitalzym and I was not convinced it would help, but decided to try it. It is amazing!!! After only one and one half days I realized I felt much better. I had taken Vitalzym for about three weeks when I started wondering if I had just actually recovered and didn't really need the Vitalzym. I stopped taking it for only about one half of one day when I realized how good it is.

This last weekend (the middle of May) I worked almost like it was before the surgery. I got so much done it was scary. Thank you for finding the answer to my problem. You have a wonderful product and you won't find the day when it is not a part of my medicine cabinet.

A side note. I gave a bottle of Vitalzym to a good friend after her knee surgery and she not only quit taking pain medicine she had a prescription for, she quit taking Tylenol. You should also tell people that Vitalzym is good for black eyes also. A friend of mine got a shiner on Monday and needed to look good for a convention on Friday and with the help of a lot of Vitalzym, she looked normal with no makeup on Friday. She was amazed at how quickly it worked for her.
Helen L. Herrell
Regional Sales, Palko Distributing

"Last week I received a sample bottle of Vitalzym. I heard about it when you sent me a cassette tape. I hardly ever listen to those, but I was just going on a long drive when it came, and decided to listen on the way. I am an acupuncturist and RN, and have been trying out various enzymes, mostly with very little success. I got my bottle of Vitalzym in the afternoon, and decided to take one before going to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I went down to get my coffee as usual, but I noticed something odd when coming back up the stairs. My knees didn't hurt. Now I don't normally have a lot of knee pain, just what I call old age creeping up. But what made me stop and notice was that I had NO knee pain. I even walked back down and up the stairs just to make sure. I kept taking my enzymes that day, and several times went up and down the stairs just to make sure I wasn't hurting. Now, a few days later, still no knee pain and my chronic low back pain is about half of normal. Can it really be that one pill knocked out my knee pain??? If so, this really is fairy dust. I have several of my patient's trying Vitalzym. Can't wait to see the results!"
- Connie McKenna, Los Osos, CA

"I think your Vitalzym is a fantastic product! I have heard that it is good for inflammation and yesterday (Father's Day Eve) I was in the perfect situation to test it.

My husband and I were sitting on the sofa playing with our beautiful and vivacious 18-month old son. It was past his bedtime and he was a bit rambunctious. After several minutes of tickling his tummy and the bottoms of his feet, it happened! He was sitting on my lap when he decided to try a back flip. He pushed off my legs and threw himself backwards (head first). I guess he was in my "straight-on blind spot" because I never saw him coming. The next thing I knew, the back of his head smashed into my nose. I felt and heard something crunch and the pain was incredible. After the initial shock had passed, we determined the cartilage in my nose had been ripped off the bone and had torn. But the bones were somehow still intact. Before I even finished making the ice pack, my nose, cheeks and eyes were starting to swell. So, I quickly took 20 Vitalzym Capsules and then spent the better part of an hour with my nose packed in ice. By the time I retired for the evening, the external swelling had already disappeared and there wasn't any internal swelling at all! The next morning, there was a tiny bit of swelling and my nose and checks had a nice "rosy" color to them. I took 10 more Vitalzym Capsules and all of the swelling again disappeared. Plus, the pain and discomfort was also almost totally gone! I was really concerned that I would have at least one black eye or a huge black place across the bridge of my nose, but I didn't have any visible bruising either!

I shutter to think what kind of swelling I might have had and for how long, if there had not been any Vitalzym in my house. I attribute the total lack of internal and external swelling and lack of discoloration to the Vitalzym.

Thank you for creating such a superior product."
- Michele, San Antonio, TX

"Recently, I listened to a tape on your product, Vitalzym and have been using it for 3 weeks with remarkable results. As a consultant Pharmacist, I would like for you to fax to me ASAP any information about the product. Additionally, I would like to know how I can sell your product to my clients."
- Dr. Ken Turner, Consultant Pharmacist, Knoxville, TN

Dear Dr. Wong.

Thank you for the data on Vitalzym. I appreciate your expertise. I'm in the process of branching out from "orthodox" medicine at this time, doing acupuncture and osteopathic manipulation. The nutritional elements to patient healing have always been "out there" until now. I appreciate your advocacy of this supplement. It is a breath of fresh air and a useful additional tool in the toolbox of modalities in treating chronic pain in my patients.
-- Thaddeus Srutwa, MD

Dear Dr. Wong,

Your tape inspired me to start on the Vitalzym. In one month I have felt a huge difference. It does what you said it would. I checked out your advice on strength training and will be starting that next week.

Thank you for your advice. I have my Mom and Dad taking Vitalzym and feeling better. It has improved my Dad's irritable moody behavior tremendously. My Mom's feeling more energy and her knee is better.

Thank you very much.
-- Hector Cuellar, East Chicago, IN

Dear Dr. Wong,

Good golly Dr., thank you again. I have more faith in you than in the last 2 Doctors I've seen, so I'm really appreciating your help.

I'm going to tell Brian, the owner of Health 101 in Waldport, OR and who turned me on to Vitalzym, how wonderful you are being… I'm sure you'll be getting many many more orders as there are many FMS sufferers in this area.

-- Toni Mueller

8 or 9 years ago I was rear-ended in an auto accident. Needless to say, I've had a bad back ever since. Constant, continual low-to-mid level pain and breakouts of massive spasms that left me absolutely crippled and near tears. (I think the Chiropractor made me even worse.) Ever since I started taking Vitalzym, a few months ago, the most pain I've experienced has been very low-to-no level - and that was only after I forgot to take it for a couple of days! I have not had a spasm since either! Additionally, I notice my joints are feeling better! Wow!

Thank you so much!
-- Scott, Bellevue, WA


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