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Harmony Parasite Colon Cleanse

ParaStroy formerly Para-Control

Harmony colon parasite cleanse, Para-Control is a comprehensive two-part program that stimulates the body’s immune system, and creates an environment that is unfriendly to parasites. Many of the ingredients have been successfully used by traditional herbalists, plus Harmony Parasite Colon Cleanse is designed to have a general cleansing effect on the body, improving overall health and digestion. The two parts, Para-Rid and Para-Sweep are designed to be taken together as a complete program.


ParaStroy formerly Harmony Para-Control

STEP 1: PARA-RID - This clinically developed formula addresses numerous physiological pathways, providing key herbal and botanical ingredients, many of which have been extensively studied and shown to help eradicate foreign organisms from the body. In addition to providing the necessary herbal biochemical factors that parasites yield to, Para-Rid also supports healthy bowel function and digestion with two key probiotic enzymes.

STEP 2: PARA-SWEEP - Formulated to enhance the body’s eliminative function, Para-Sweep is a unique mixture of powerful herbs and fibers that help bind and remove colon parasite wastes from the colon. By maximizing bowel transit time and ensuring healthy elimination, waste products and the remnants of parasites are encouraged to exit the system. Para-Sweep also plays a critical role in eliminating toxins from the colon and kidneys while strengthening and balancing the digestive and elimination systems.

The End Benefit: By restoring the digestive system, bolstering the natural defenses of the body, and providing key herbal and botanical factors, Para-Control is designed to offer natural and effective anti-parasitic support, harnessing both traditional and modern day approaches to good health and natural healing.

What are possible symptoms of parasites? 

  • Diarrhea; rectal itching and/or pressure; mucus in stools and poorly formed stools

  • Muscular wasting and/or weakness, weakened immune system
    chronic vague abdominal pain; belching and bloating after eating; indigestion

  • Ravenous appetite; frequent heartburn after eating

  • Unexplained weight loss or inability to gain weight

  • Night sweats and insomnia; itchy skin, worse at night; chronic dark circles under eyes

  • Severe fatigue; unexplained nausea and/or vomiting; unexplained fever and/or chills

  • Illness after a trip to a foreign country that doesn’t go away; developing diarrhea or fever while traveling abroad, especially in tropical countries.

What are parasites?
Parasitic illnesses are a major plague of modern society. They both cause and accompany many of today’s most virulent diseases, and account for many otherwise unexplained conditions. Parasites include protozoan like amoebas, giardia and trichomonas and various worms, like round worms, pinworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Parasites can infect people three ways - by the live organism itself, its eggs or its cysts, and they can be difficult to kill. Both acute and chronic diseases may result from parasitic infections.

How do you get them?  
Parasites can be contracted in a variety of ways: ingesting raw or partially cooked meat, eating raw or smoked fish, eating vegetables and produce that haven’t been properly washed, kissing and/or sleeping with pets, not properly washing hands after using the restroom, walking barefoot on contaminated soil, improper disposal of human or animal waste, drinking untreated water in wilderness or when traveling overseas, living overseas for extended period of time, and haphazard food processing and preparation (this includes food handling in restaurants). Sometimes eggs from parasite may become airborne and inhaled through normal breathing.

2 capsules contain: 
Proprietary Blend 1,115 mg: 

Black Walnut (kernel and green hull) - A powerful cleansing herb. Traditionally used to support healthy bowels and immunity. 

Garlic (clove) - The “king” of herbs. Has significant anti-yeast and immune support activity. 

Cascara Sagrada (bark) - Stimulates peristalsis and proper bowel function. Increases the secretion of the liver and gall bladder. 

Wormwood (leaf) - Increases secretion of stomach acids. Traditionally used for stomach problems and parasites. 

Fennel (seed) - A carminative and stoma chic. Eases stomach ache and dispels gas. 

Centaury (aerial) - Aids digestion. Eases heartburn and relieves gas pains. 

Clove (leaf) - Contains active ingredients found in the volatile oil. Cloves are candicidal and may be used as a carminative and to relieve nausea. 

Wormseed (fruit) - Traditionally used to help the body expel intestinal worms. Believed to help reduce gas. 

Bromelain (Pineapple Enzyme) - A proteolytic enzyme derived from pineapple. 

Papain (Papaya Enzyme) - A proteolytic enzyme derived form papaya. 

Hydrochloric Acid - Needed for proper digestion. 

Male Fern (leaf) - A vermifuge that supports the elimination of worms from the system. 

Orange Peel - Carminative, stomachic and chloretic. Traditionally used to soothe the stomach. 

Radish (root) - A lithontryptic. Helps the body dissolve and discharge calculi from urinary organs. 

Pinkroot (whole plant) - Traditionally used as a vermifuge to help the body expel parasitic worms. 

Pepsin - A digestive enzyme that assists in removing wastes and toxins from the intestines. Also helps with the absorption of important nutrients during digestion. 

Balmony (aerial) - Traditionally used as an anthelmintic to help expel worms, by Native Americans. 

Pumpkin Seed - Traditionally used to eliminate many varieties of worms. Anthelmintic. 

Onion Powder - Used as an antiseptic and diuretic. 

Capsicum (fruit) - Also known as cayenne. Used extensively as an herbal catalyst. Stimulates gastric secretions. 

Grapefruit extract (seed) - Shown to enhance the immune system and stymie the proliferation of foreign microbes. 

Sage (leaf) - Used as a carminative. Beneficial for expelling gas from the bowels. 

Tansy (leaf) - An anthelmintic, traditionally used for expelling worms in children. 

Thyme (laf) - Has antiseptic and carminative properties. 

Bioperinetm (black pepper extract) - An extract of Piper nigrum that helps the absorption and assimilation of the formula. 

2 capsules contain: 
Zinc (zinc oxide) 20 mg 
Proprietary Blend 1165 mg: 

Alfalfa (leaf) - An excellent source of nutrition; useful for cleansing and as a blood purifier. 

Agar-Agar - Aids in the regularity of bowel movements. 

Alginate - A sea weed substance that absorbs many toxic metals in the digestive system. 

Beet (root) - Aids in softening stools. 

Flax (seed) - Excellent source of fiber and essential fatty acids. 

Psyllium (seed husk) - A mostly soluble fiber. Shown to help lower blood lipid levels, and may reduce bowel transit time. 

Papaya extract (seed) - Helps with digestion. Contains digestive enzymes. 

Cardamon (fruit) - A carminative; useful for indigestion and flatulence. 

Bentonite Clay - Cleanses the colon and helps eliminate toxins and parasites. 

Butternut (root bark) - Traditionally used as a vermifuge, helping to eliminate intestinal worms; has mile laxative properties. 

Gentian (root) - Possesses febrifuge, emmenagogue, anthelmintic and antiseptic properties; used to strengthen the organs of digestion. 

Citrus pectin (fruit) 




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

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