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Fibrosis Diseases

Womenís Fibrosis Diseases 
By William Wong N.D., PhD.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis; all words women dread hearing of in relation to themselves or their loved ones. Why does it seem that these diseases are becoming more common now than they were a generation or two ago and why isit that with all of the money thrown into ďresearchĒ on combating these maladies, conventional medicine seems no closer to an answer (or cure) now than they were before the moneys started pouring in? And lastly, since standard drug / surgery based medicine seems helpless against thesediseases (except for hair of the dog treatment as weíll see), is there anything in Natural healing that can be used to combat these ills?

Letís first look at what the root cause of these related conditions is. What generates fibrosis? Well two things: 1) Trauma. i.e. accidents, strains / sprains, contusions, surgery, damage to tissue caused by disease etc. 2) Estrogen. Iíll be so bold as to make ablanket statement Ė ALL womenís fibrosis diseases are driven by estrogen! "Canít be", you say! Youíre MD gave you estrogen to treat those conditions! Yes they did. Itís like drinking a Bloody Mary to cure a hangover, ďthe hair of the dog that bit youĒ treatment. Didthe conditions get any better? Did they go away, or did they just continue on? Are you being told that the only way of getting rid of it all is the knife? Thought so. The estrogen peddlers in the pharmaceutical industry are doing a ďcover their buttsĒ act for all the estrogen theyívebeen peddling these last few decades. They hear the product liability lawyers sharpening their knives and getting ready to go after them. Let me explain why and what the drug folks are doing.

Hardly a month goes by without another study showing estrogen and estrogen replacement therapy is causing everything from fibrosis to cancer. In case you did not know the estrogen variant Estradiol (E2) is listed as a known carcinogen! Didnít know that? Thought so.Itís impossible to calculate or imagine how many women in the last 4 decades have come down with cancers of various types due to estrogen replacement therapies. Is getting the big CA worth fighting hot flashes? To make it seem as if they have been on the right track all along the drugcompanies are trying to find variants of their estrogenís that will undo some of the damage theyíve done. One example is the use of Tamoxifin to prevent a recurrence of breast cancer. Yes it seems to work but have the patients using this drug been told of the higher incidence ofcervical and uterine cancer from taking the medication? Not many have been so informed.

The CYA has become so intense that the estrogen peddlers and now seeming to blame progesterone, a womanís most benign, protective and beneficial hormone for breast cancer! It seems that the ďresearchersĒ have found that gals with breast CA have an inordinatelylarge number of empty progesterone receptors in their breasts so in their wisdom they surmise that progesterone must have something to do with breast disease. This is spin on an enormous scale. Letís see what fact is: When tissues are overloaded with estrogen tissues create NEW estrogenreceptors to fill. On the opposite side of each estrogen receptor is a progesterone receptor just begging to be filled to balance and offset the overabundance of estrogen! So all those empty progesterone receptors found in breast cancer patients attest to the fact that there is too muchestrogen on the other side of the receptor. Get it? Since most laymen and even physicians donít know that simple fact of endocrine physiology, the drug dealers can get away with their deception.

Itís CYA work such as this which has kept the lawyers at bay so far. But not for long. With the increasing amount of evidence damming estrogen of ALL sorts from that derived from horse urine to soyisoflavones, itís time to call a spade a spade and put your footdown. Gals, if you want to control your fibrosis diseases and possibly even be rid of them youíve got to get your estrogen in check. Even if for posts menopausal gals it means having hot flashes. The product liability lawyers will eventually get on with their work of taking apart thepharmaceutical companies just as they did the tobacco industry, but the rest of womankind suffering with the fibrosis conditions canít wait for the bad news about estrogen to filter down from the ivory towers of official medicine.

Official medicine has just admitted that there are good cholesterols and that those good fats can prevent heart disease! Thatís something the natural docs have said for over 40 years. Orthodox medicine has just ďmadeĒ these grand discoveries! Can you afford to wait40 years for orthodox medicine to do a Mia Culpa and say it was wrong about estrogen? How many women will suffer, how many women will be infertile, how many women will contract cancer before conventional medicine admits estrogen based HRT is hurting more than helping?

Okay, Iíll get off my soapbox now and get down to the business of relieving these conditions starting from its foundations, then tackling its effects and symptoms.

Phase 1: Getting at the root cause, estrogen dominance.
There are a few ways to reduce estrogen dominance. And before I get deluged with questions from post menopausal gals, yes itís possible to be estrogen dominant even if youíve gone through menopause and you have lower estrogen production. It happens this way; youíre still making someestrogen, but since you donít have to have periods or get pregnant anymore youíve basically stopped making progesterone. Not only that since you donít need to have a libido or be romantic any more, since youíre not reproducing, your body has stopped making testosterone as well. Theonly sexual hormone youíve got left is the big E; the I am grouchy, Iím depressed, my moods are swinging and Iím getting fat from my waist to my knees hormone.

Tools to control Estrogen Dominance:

Natural Progesterone Cream: Controls and balances estrogen production increases bone density better than estrogen, improves mood, fights depression, can increase libido. For young gals follow label directions for application. For post menopausal women use 1 application twice per day 12hours apart for 25 days then take 5 days off.

Myomin: This Chinese herb blend has been shown in hospital research to control Estradiol (E2) and to reduce both the number and size of Fibroids, Fibrocystic Breast Cysts, Ovarian Cysts. Follow label directions.

DIMPlus: Stands for Di Indole Methane, an estrogen blocker and metabolizer (it gets rid of estrogen from the system) made from cabbage. Donít use DIMís byproduct I 3 C. Though this is what DIM turns into in the body to block estrogen, I 3 C by itself has almost no shelflife and there fore most I 3 C products are dead in the bottle and have little or no effect.

Tool to control symptoms and eat away at the fibrin:

Vitalzym Systemic Enzymes have been shown in research to reduce the engorgement (swelling and pain) of fibrocystic conditions. Along with that the fibrinolytic action (6) can eat away at the cysts / fibromas them selves, reducing their size or eliminating them all together over time!

When I recommend the above combination Iím often asked if all of the Estrogen control measures need be taken together or if one measure alone will do. I believe in fighting an all-encompassing battle not just a war on one front. While Iíve seen each of the individualapproaches succeed, Iíve also seen each of the individual approaches fail, but together they have an extraordinarily synergistic and sweeping action. And of course the must have is the Vitalzym; with out the enzymes your are fighting the formation of new cysts, or fibroids but notaggressively eating away at those already existing. The goal is their complete elimination, this may take time though in two reports Iíve received from fibrocystic breast disease sufferers, one gal even being an MD, the cysts and everything related to them were gone in a mater of weeks!I hope you are all so lucky.


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